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BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker Service Assurance

1.  Onsite Risk Assessment/Audit.#

This involves onsite visits by Risk Management Experts to Identify & Evaluate risks to your properties, your personnel, your income and risk from liabilities. Periodic audits to be conducted to review the risks.
2.  Develop & Implement Risk Management Program (RMP).#
Once your risk as been identified, evaluated & prioritized, the risk management experts develop risk management program guided by your concerns prior, during & post the event. This helps you to create a strong risk management culture by integrating risk management into your corporate policy and implement it across the board for day to day functioning, preventing & controlling risk.
3.  Pre-Risk Transfer Discussions.
Your risks, which can’t be prevented or retained, require to be transferred. Different Risk Transfer Methods# would be explored including those offered by insurance carriers.
4.  Well Researched & Negotiated Insurance Solutions.
This ensures that your insurance requirements are well researched & contested for, by all the insurance carriers, resulting in an Efficient, Feasible and Cost-effective solution for your risk. 
5.  Post-Risk Transfer Briefing.
  1. Insured assigns internal Risk Manager/ lead-Risk Management Program (RMP).
  2. Discuss & Concrete the role of Risk Manager/ Lead-RMP#
  3. Response strategy/contingency planning in case of an insured event.
  4. Briefing the Risk Manager/Lead regarding.
    1. Risk Management Program.#
    2. Policy wordings, excesses, conditions & warranties.
    3. Draw-out internal Dept. wise Risk Management Training/Awareness Program#
    4. Communication, Mentoring, Monitoring & Reviewing.

6. Claim Advocacy & Resolution#.

This ensures that you would not be alone during the time of your distress. You would be guided through each and every step of claim processing and documentations required for claim settlement by the insurers.
7.  Long term Commitment, Confidentiality & Record keeping.
This ensures that you needn’t worry about change in your risk profile & appropriate solutions as you grow over the years. All your risk related records past & present would be kept safe and strictly confidential in our offices.
#This Service can be charged if Risk was not placed through BimaGenie.