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Policy Holder Grievance Against Insurance Broker.

Any lapse or area of improvement in services of BimaGenie™ or grievances with regard to the code of conduct of the Insurance Broker should be escalated straight, in writing, to; 

Ciby Varghese, Principal Officer & Managing Director
Policy Holder Grievance Against Insurance Comapanies.
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is responsible for addressing complaints filed by policyholders. Complaints against Life and Non-life insurers are handled separately. This cell plays a facilitative role by taking up complaints with the respective insurers.
Policyholders who have complaints against insurers are required to first approach the Grievance/Customer Complaints Cell of the concerned insurer. If you do not receive a response from insurer(s) within a reasonable period of time or are dissatisfied with the response of the company, you may approach the Grievance Cell of the IRDA. The complaints need to be addressed to the correct Grievance Cell of the IRDA and sent to the addresses given below. Please note that the Grievances Cell(s) responsible for life insurance and non-life insurance are separate. Only cases of delay/non-response regarding matters relating to policies and claims are taken up by the Cell with the insurers for speedy disposal.
If the grievance is not redressed, insured are advised to approach the Insurance Ombudsmen.
Only complaints from the policy holders themselves or the claimants shall be entertained. The Cell shall not entertain complaints written on behalf of policyholders by advocates or agents or any third parties. If the communication is done over e-mail, then the plaintiffs are requested to submit complete details of the complaint as required in the registration form. Without this, the Cell will not be in a position to register the grievance.
In case the claimant is not satisfied with decision of Ombudsmen, appeal can be filed at the appropriate judicial forum like civil courts.