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BimaGenie™ Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

The name BimaGenie has been derived from "Bima", the Hindi term for Insurance and "Genie" the proverbial Genie of the Magic Lamp, a slave of the holder of the lamp and the granter of wishes. Hence at BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker, we strive to fulfill all your insurance & risk management related wishes or requirements. 
Managed and run by dynamic insurance industry professionals from both private and public sector insurance companies, both general and life insurance domains, we bring to you decades of collective experience in risk management and claim settlement, which comes free of cost to you.
BimaGenie™ Insurance Brokers follows a unique doctrine of

"Operate as an Extention of the Client's Risk Management Efforts"

This ensures that all resources are eligible, licensed, mobile, connected, equiped and would operate very close to the client and risk at any given point of time rather than operating out of offices. BimaGenie™ Insurance Brokers offices is only a support function to the partners in the respective markets.
At BimaGenie™ Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd, we believe, for clients to be satisfied, we have to be proactive and innovative in our approach to addressing your needs. We can help you to evaluate your existing policies in terms of Risks and Covers, rectify drawbacks, if any, and explore the possibilities of better rates, terms and conditions in future.
When your needs have clarity and your solutions appropriateness, we believe, you are properly insured. Come, let us

 "Be Sure; Insure™".