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Pet (Dog) Insurance

Recent researchers have claimed that keeping pet makes one healthy, confident, caring and less afraid of things than others. Pets make people happier with strong social bonding. Despite the growing importance of having pets in one’s life and the booming pet industry in India, the concept of pet insurance have not yet been widely accepted. The most popular pet insurance in India is Dog Insurance.

Salient feature:

  1. Dogs of indigenous origin,  cross-bred and exotic breeds in the age group of 8weeks to 8 years can be covered.
  2. Amount for which the dog should be insured must be arrived by a qualified veterinary surgeon after due valuation process and the dogs must be identified by any of the following  methods:
    1. Tattooing
    2. Nose
    3. Photograph
  3. Veterinary Certificate showing normal identification marks and breed, sex, age etc., is also needed to be submitted at the time of   taking insurance along with the detailed pedigree record and kennel club record.

What does the  Policy cover:

Death due to accident and/or diseases contracted during the period of insurance subject to usual terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. Maximum claim amount payable is limited to 80% of the claim amount ascertained on the basis of Market Value as certified by Veterinary Doctor or Insured Value whichever is less.

What the policy does not cover:

  1. Death due to diseases such as Distemper, Rabies, Viral Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Viral enteritis. These diseases are covered only if the dogs have been successfully vaccinated and a Veterinary Certificate to that effect is produced.
  2. Diseases contracted prior to and within 15 days of commencement of risk.
  3. Transport, show risk, breeding and whelping risk, third party personal injury unless additional premium is paid.

Additional covers that can be opted:

  1. Death by accident in transit by air, rail, road and water, and show risk
  2. Death by accidental poisoning
  3. Breeding Risk
    1.  Death by whelping
    2.  Loss of litter in case the whole litter is stillborn or dies within 14 days of birth
  4. Lost or stolen dogs (Including burglary or house breaking)
  5. Loss of show entry fees (limit Rs. 250/-) when the dog which is registered with the Kennel  Club is unable to attend the show because of accident or disease covered by the policy.
  6. Loss of value (Limit one half of Sum Insured) resultant upon an accident which does not result in death but which averts its show career.
  7. Liability for personal injuries and damage to property (Including animals, poultry) of third parties up to Rs.5000/-. Liability to members of the Insured's family or employees is excluded.
  8. World wide transit