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  • Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. 
  • BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker is an Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA), Govt of India, licensed insurance Direct Broker (License Code IRDA/DB498/11) dealing in both life & General Insurance Solutions. BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker doesn’t have any products of its own but acts as an intermediary between the insurers and the insured as stipulated in IRDA Insurance Brokers Regulation 2018 and relevant sections in Insurance Act 1938.
  • This web portal intends to provide an overview of the risk management products, services & solutions, client may ideally require; which may vary from insurer to insurer & insured to insured.
  • Risk Management Solutions discussed in this web portal are based on Risk Identified, which is industry specific, not exhaustive and is generic in nature. Though, if mandate is given by the client, client specific professional risk management audit or development of risk management program can be arranged on a mutually agreed fees.
  • BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker as insurance broker would be obtaining a variety of coverage terms and conditions to protect the risks of client’s life, property, personnel & enterprise. We will seek to bind final coverages based upon client’s authorization. Actual coverage is determined by policy language/wordings, so we encourage the client to read all policy wordings carefully. Policy wordings would be made available upon request. Contact us with questions on these or other issues of concern before making final decision. 
  • BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker as insurance broker would assist/represent the client in the claim settlement process with the insurer. However the claim settle would be subjected to terms & conditions, deductible/excess, exclusions, warranties etc as mentioned in the policy documents. Hence, it is imperative for the insured to disclose all material facts at the inception and notify as soon as reasonably practicable of any fact which materially changes the information supplied to the broker/insurer when the policy was affected. 
  • BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker’s services related to claim settlement advisory is free of cost to the insured for all insurance policy where BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker is the broker. Though, BimaGenie™ Insurance Broker can be hired for a mutually agreed fee to represent the client for matters of claim settlement for insurance placed through other agents, corporate agent & bank (channel other than a broker).
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